The Webster Technique

At Primal Performance Spine & Sport, Drs. Joe and Natasha believe in the importance of regular chiropractic care throughout a woman’s pregnancy. Because the spine has an increased need for chiropractic care during pregnancy, both of our doctors are certified to perform the Webster Technique.

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment of the sacrum (a big bone of the pelvis) developed by Dr. Larry Webster as a safe means to restore proper pelvic balance and function. Most chiropractors have minimal training in treating pregnant women and infants, but those properly trained in the Webster Technique have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively treat women throughout their pregnancy. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of an improperly positioned sacrum.

Why are women’s needs for chiropractic care during pregnancy higher than the normal spine?

During pregnancy, women often experience sacral misalignment, which causes tightening of specific pelvic muscles and ligaments. Ligaments become looser as hormones are released, so joints move around more than they should and easily become misaligned. As the fetus grows, there is increased pressure on the low back, hips, and pelvis, and altered sleeping positions can often lead to soreness in the neck, shoulders, and beck. All of this can affect the uterus which may prevent the baby from comfortably assuming the best possible position for birth.

What does the Webster Technique involve?

First, the position of your sacrum will be analyzed. If it is malpositioned, a very gentle manual adjustment will be performed to restore proper alignment. Drs. Joe and Natasha have a specialized table at their office that even allows room for the belly during a face-down adjustment. Stretching of the hip flexor muscles will also be performed to decrease tension and tightness on the front side of the body. Patients often experience immediate relief from back and round ligament pain/tension, almost like pressure has been released.

How is it different from a regular visit to a chiropractor?

The Webster Technique involves a specific treatment protocol that focuses the pelvis.

Because of the effect the chiropractic adjustment has on all body functions by reducing nerve system stress, pregnant mothers should have their spines checked regularly throughout pregnancy to optimize health benefits for both the mom and baby. Contact us today to schedule your prenatal chiropractic appointment!