Soft Tissue

Soft-Tissue Instrument Assisted Mobilization

At Primal Performance Spine & Sport, functional movement and mobility set the foundation of each patient’s treatment. We do not diagnose patients from an X-ray or simply rely on where the source of pain lies. Instead, we perform an extensive functional evaluation of a patient’s mobility, or ability to perform essential movements, like touching your toes or lifting your arms above your head. This helps us to identify movement patterns that are indicative of risk of injury. Because the source of pain is often not the cause of pain, and functional movement applies to everyone in their day-to-day lives, a functional evaluation is the most accurate and effective way to diagnose and prepare a treatment plan. It is also an objective measuring tool that can be performed both before treatment for diagnosis, and after treatment to show improvements.

“Scraping” Breaks Up Adhesions and Improve Common Conditions

Soft-tissue instrument-assisted mobilization, or scraping, is a myofascial release technique that is used to break up adhesions, often in conjunction with cupping. Once we know where decreased mobility lies, we can use cupping and scraping to break down soft tissue adhesions and fascial restrictions. This will increase blood flow and promote healing in your soft tissue, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves. Although the term “scraping” may sound intimidating, it can be described similarly to a deep tissue massage with a metal instrument.

In many instances, patients are misdiagnosed with tendonitis, when what they are really experiencing is tendinosis. Because tendonitis is the result of inflammation, it will typically improve after 10 days with rest and a steroid shot if necessary. Tendinosis, however, is when your muscles are filled with adhesions, or wear and tear. Prolonged increase in load on these areas results in pain and a breakdown of the joint. Scraping helps to break down these adhesions and improve pain and stability.

  • The Benefits of Scraping

    Scraping to break up adhesions has a number of benefits when it comes to reducing pain and soreness in the muscles, some of which include:

    • Tendon repair by increasing blood flow
    • Restored flexibility by breaking up scar tissue and restoring length to the muscle
    • Less invasive method than trigger point injections or acupuncture
    • Alleviation of a number of symptoms, including those associated with plantar fasciitis, calf tightness, and stiffness in the neck

    Drs. Joseph and Natasha Maltese often untangle years of problems with flexibility, functional movement, and tendinosis in just one or two visits.

Schedule an appointment at Primal Performance Spine & Sport and let us restore your functional mobility today!

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