Adhesions 101

If you have ever attended a Primal Performance mobility seminar, or have been treated by Dr. Joe or Natasha, chances are you’ve heard them mention “adhesions” once or twice. You know they’re contributing to pain in your knee or lack of mobility in your shoulder, but what exactly are they, how did they get there, and how do you get rid of them?


What are they and how do they develop?

An adhesion is a buildup of scar tissue within your muscles and develop as a normal byproduct of use, similarly to plaque building up on your teeth. They can also develop with increased rate with over training, dehydration, and orthopedic injury.

Due to the extra stress on the joints from adhesions, if they are left untreated, your flexibility will be compromised and your muscles will lack stability. You will also be in a weaker state and more susceptible to injuries, especially if you engage in regular activities like CrossFit, OrangeTheory, or olympic weightlifting.


Are adhesions preventable?

Although you cannot fully prevent adhesions from forming, stretching regularly, drinking plenty of water, and getting a healthy amount of sleep will limit the stress put on your muscles and help limit the development of adhesions.


How can I treat my adhesions?

To diagnose adhesions, it is essential that you first be evaluated. At Primal Performance Spine and Sport, we regularly perform functional evaluations to both diagnose and to determine progress once treatment has begun. Once adhesions develop, you must be treated by a professional – preferably a soft tissue specialist – to fully treat them. You cannot stretch your way out of adhesion, just like you cannot brush your way out of a cavity. Drs. Joe and Natasha use techniques like cupping and scraping to remove adhesions, often in conjunction with chiropractic care and exercises to increase stability and strength. These techniques increase stability in the joints, and leave your body armored while it performs the activities you love, as well as the day to day ones like reaching overhead to grab something from a high shelf.

If you notice joint pain, muscle pain, or mobility issues, schedule a functional evaluation at Primal Performance Spine and Sport today so we can treat those adhesions and get you back to living your best life!